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To join us as an upcoming SUPPLIER of either physical or downloadable online items, please contact us at THIS DIRECT LINK , providing a brief explanation of your online-based objectives and potential (as perceived by you at this time). We will most definitely reply to your inquiry via e-mail, within about 12-48 hours.  (PLEASE NOTE: To start receiving significant price discounts on any of our online items/offerings (or if you have already applied to become a future Supplier, Affiliate or full specialty Partner of ours), we kindly ask that you join us as an Online "BUYER"-level Member first -- by purchasing a unique online "Buyer Pass" (discount code) e-card -- at THIS MEMBERSHIP LINK. )

Here is a more in-depth explanation of some of the good (and super-healthy!) goals we would be trying to achieve -- with your valuable online participation:

SmallCrop  is a Web-based (e-commerce), "Localism"-trend portal platform assisting small-scale Biodynamic®, IBD-certified, Certified-ORGANIC, organic-method and transitional food-crop growers, organic-method backyard gardeners, small-farm chefs, local food artisans, agri-tourism/eco-travel concept founders and "heritage"-preservation enthusiasts to expand their "direct-to-consumer," modern supply-chain reach, via FREE-of-charge (NO-charge) online crops allocation, advance pre-payment, booking and local delivery transactions -- directly between each individual "producer" and its online "buyer."

Our main LOCAL-PRODUCE  finding focus is on exhaustively pre-testing and sourcing sustainably farmed, NON-toxic, attestably NON-GMO food items ("Biodynamic®" / "Certified-ORGANIC" / "organic-METHOD grown transitional" or "exhaustively tested BIO-SAFE conventional" greens, vegetables, fruit and other "original"-epigenome/microbiome reconstituting, "hypoallergenic" edibles) -- to be offered DIRECTLY ONLINE, in the most speedy, efficient and price-affordable way possible.

On the ALTERNATIVE-ENERGY  side, we source, list and offer "the absolute best" currently known "small-farm, personal ranch or household" solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and other "zero-emissions" renewable-energy solutions, as well as a great number of valuable e-publications (E-BOOKS) on the topic of Clean Energy.

In our HOBBIES  section, you can access both "unique trades craftsmanship" and extremely valuable and diverse traditional ("heritage"/"antique"-skill) know-how -- for self-sufficient, healthy living. If you would like to receive direct, one-on-one assistance with certifying your farm, ranch or garden as either "organic" or "biodynamic," you are more than welcome to drop us a note about that -- at THIS DIRECT LINK.

Our online members diligently strive to conduct their "local agri-business" affairs in harmony with both Nature and the more "sustainability"-conscious expressions of Humanity as a global-exchange organism made of distinctly "LOCAL" building blocks.

Our Current "We-DO-What-We-ARE"  Statement Is:   

..."Think of us as an Online Farmers' Market spanning three continents of direct, person-to-person, grassroots e-commerce 'AGRI-cionados'!"...If you, just like us, are an individual buyer or small-farm/garden producer of clean, organic-methods grown or certified-organic farm and garden commodities, or would like to offer your existent self-sufficiency promoting concepts, e-books, components or services to a wider circle of individual buyers in the near future, WITHOUT having to be either a "Computer Programmer" or a "Web-Server Administrator," and at that -- WITHOUT having to pay "online sales commission" to ANY of the "ebays and amazons" of our "brave new world" -- you are definitely OUR type of person!... From this point forward, you need look no further to achieve your palpably emerging web-sales goal, as you have now arrived at your final e-commerce enablement destination -- THIS GLADLY SHARED, ONLINE-SALES WEB SITE -- prepared with unlimited love and dedication to the very idea of many people working toward a common life-improving goal, and then helpfully tailored just for YOU to amply peruse and enjoy!

We at SmallCrop  make every effort to supply both our secured membership and the wider public with web-space for an absolutely opulent cornucopia of bio-clean, farm-fresh growers' commodities, water purification methods, livestock hay and grain, solar, wind and other alternative-energy essentials and know-how, natural and organic biofibre, invaluable tips for toxin-free living and, in essence -- a positively novel opportunity to look further than before, and even think better than before!...

"ONE Mighty-CASUAL Letter" -- To Our Potential Online SUPPLIERS:   

From:   The Several Good Co-Founders of SmallCrop:

Dear Normal Human Being,

Are you "LOCAL"? -- Great! We're all local HERE!...But first, let's casually sit down "round the organic plate," right here, on the Web (where we all currently are), and briefly introduce ourselves to each-other -- without any impending "export tariffs" or "handling fees":

We are SmallCrop  -- the "three-separate-zones"-spanning, fanatically grassroots-based, small-scale, "organic-methods"-centric, clean-farming, self-sufficiently gardening, "renewable-energy"-powered, basic, "regular-human, people folk," enthusiastically and diligently populating the RURAL and RURAL-RESIDENTIAL zones of three distinctly separate states of three altogether different "national unions" -- as follows:

(1) Some definitely unusual, Web-"innovator"-type, "regular-human" folk, who are also farming and gardening (organically!) within the US-based State of Washington (well, mostly -- the Western part of that State of the Union, commonly known as part of the Pacific Northwest (of the United States);

(2) Some incredibly valuable and highly forward-looking, lip-smackingly good French-Canadian cooks (well, in this case -- "top-of-the-World" gourmet cheesemakers and bed-and-breakfast founders from Vancouver), tastefully "spruced with" some of your basic biodynamic, organic small-farming, hard-working and Nature-loving, "real-human" folk from the CANADA-based "Province of British Columbia" ("BC") -- located in Southwestern Canada; ...and also...

(3) Several absolutely delightful, year-round (subtropical) organic farmers and warm, agri-tourism/eco-travel hosting "brasileiros" -- most constructively and natively resident within "Paradise On Earth" -- namely, the BRAZIL-based "Estado de Santa Catarina (Brasil)" (State of Santa Catarina) -- ...And what a JOY it is to have FINALLY come together on this!...

In short -- ever since we formed this joint online e-commerce platform together, we have been patiently hoping that YOU, too, will join us as a direct, grassroots-style, small-scale "Farmers'-Market SUPPLIER" of either one or several of the good and valuable things you currently already make and, most likely, distribute LOCALLY, "right where you are." Whether you produce clean, "organic-methods"-grown greens, green starts, seeds, vegetables or fruit, or currently happen to be a "Distributor" for an alternative-energy product, concept, appliance or module, or else, you just like making and selling (say, for personal-income supplementation or similar) something absolutely and uniquely beautiful and bio-pure (like, for example, luxurious natural fleece, organic yarn, comfort-ware farm clothing ("farm-ware") with a special "Nature" flare of artistic design to it, or color-hardwood items/inlays, or stunningly fragrant and powerfully healing body-care/nature-therapy (plant extract infused) products, or anything relevant to "Nature"-works one could possibly think of), out of purely NATURAL, bio-clean source ingredients -- then we would definitely like to warmly invite you to please, please go ahead and drop us an e-mail note, briefly sharing with us things like, say, the following (among others):

(a) What, exactly, is it that you currently happen to grow or make (LOCALLY, right where you currently are), which you would not mind personally and directly "SUPPLYING" to us IN RELATIVELY SMALL "BATCHES / PRODUCT LOTS" (whereby we act as your actual "direct e-commerce," web-based, shopping-cart equipped "BUYER" and/or "DIRECT ONLINE DISTRIBUTOR")?

(b) Do you feel you have something ELSE to offer to an "online Farmers' Market" like ours? (...Say, for instance -- directly relevant e-books, services, alternative energy modules, agri-tourism/eco-tourism offerings or concepts, certified-farmed color hardwood items, or anything you suppose might be of "PLAUSIBLE" interest to us, considering our CURRENT scope and approximate existent range of online inventory or service content?...)

(c) Do you currently have a "registered business / company" entitled to "offer, distribute, import and/or export" the items or concepts which you would propose to sell to us in this potential "direct-online" manner?

(d) How can one or two of our web-platform founders possibly reach you "in person," if you and they were to try exchanging a few more detailed thoughts, ideas or comments, in case a "Supplier/Distributor" online relationship between you and us becomes mutually desired? (For instance, what are your preferred, private response e-mail address and possible direct-line telephone number, as well as -- where, exactly, do you currently happen to sell or distribute your items "LOCALLY" (i.e., in your own, immediate-vicinity region/area)? (For your added and fairly important information -- we will NEVER disclose any e-mail address, phone number, business notion, mutual topic, web-browsing event, name or address of yours to ANY outside/"third" party, under ANY future circumstances -- and that's THAT...)

Our overall member resources span quite many diverse areas of specialty, but just to illustrate this point -- here are, for example, several core ORGANIC HEIRLOOM SEEDS suppliers which it has been our true joy to be consistently able to rely on:

Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange conserves biodiversity by maintaining a collection of over 20,000 different varieties of heirloom and open-pollinated plants, varieties with the ability to regenerate themselves year after year. These seeds (and tissue cultures or other plant materials, depending on how a plant reproduces) have the power to withstand unforeseen pestilence and plant disease, climate change, and limited habitat, and to stop dinnertime boredom forever.

Seed Savers Exchange was founded in Missouri in 1975 by Diane Ott Whealy and Kent Whealy. Diane's grandfather entrusted to them the seeds of two garden plants, ‘Grandpa Ott's’ morning glory and ‘German Pink’ tomato. These seeds, brought by Grandpa Ott's parents from Bavaria when they immigrated to Iowa in the 1870s, became the first two varieties in the collection. Diane and Kent went on to form a network of gardeners interested in preserving heirloom varieties and sharing seeds. Today, with 13,000 members and 20,000 plant varieties, Seed Savers Exchange makes its home on 890 scenic acres in Winneshiek County, Iowa, at Heritage Farm.

In the last century or so, the world has lost 75% of its edible plant varieties. That might be hard to perceive when many of us have enough food on our plates, but consider this: According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, only five cereal grains make up 60% of our calories. A system that depends so heavily on so few crops is quite fragile. Think of the Irish Potato Famine – the use of only one variety of potato led to a catastrophe. In 1845, the introduction of a new fungus wiped out the primary source of food in Ireland, leading to the death or emigration of some one and a half million people. Industrial agriculture and the chemicals and machines that it employs have required that farmers and, more often, scientists breed for uniformity in plants and animals. In the United States in particular, genetically engineered plant varieties have had a devastating impact on biodiversity. According to the USDA's Economic Research Service, since their commercial introduction in 1996, use of genetically engineered (GE) crops by US farmers has increased steadily. In fact, in 2013, 170 million acres of GE crops were planted in the US, seeds that are patented and cannot be saved and planted again next year. That’s roughly half of all American cropland. It’s no wonder, then, that stewards of seed and heritage varieties are scarce. With no one to teach his or her neighbors and children about the importance of these plants, the art of saving seed dies out, and with it, we lose the precious varieties these mentors safeguarded.

Here is a message for our online visitors -- from Diane Ott Whealy, Co-Founder of Seed Savers Exchange: “We can only preserve heirloom seeds through active stewardship. If we don’t use them, if we don’t allow them to grow again, they become lost.”

Strictly Medicinal

Strictly Medicinal's herb-growing farm is located in the town of Williams in Southern Oregon (Pacific Ocean West Coast of the USA). Back in 1985, its founders -- the Cech family (pronounced "check") started growing gardens of diverse medicinal herbs, and because they were fascinated by seeds, and at the same time could not find seeds for many of the plants they were interested in, they started collecting seeds and selling them through a homey, hand-illustrated catalog. Many seasons have come and gone since, always moving this herb-farming family a bit closer to its goal of understanding the appropriate habitats, germination requirements, life cycles and uses of this totally diverse offering of fascinating medicinal herbs, permaculture and vegetable plants. The couple's children have grown, and now that they have children of their own, by the grace of Great Nature, all family members still work together on the farm, making use of the talents of each member -- design and construction, gardening and seedwork, art and photography, writing, poetry, laughter, crying -- it's all there!... "Mayche" is the Mom. She has a warm heart and a sharp mind. Richo is her sweetie, the main guy, who sometimes goes by the grandfatherly name of "Pops." He travels (mainly to his beloved Africa) to find rare and unusual medicinal herb seeds and grows them in the farm's state-certified greenhouses and intensively cultivated and cover-cropped fields and gardens. In time, the family harvests, winnows, cleans, weighs, lot-numbers, germination-tests and packages the seeds. Now that the farm and business have grown, the Cech family relies on a really great team of local folks to help them get the seeds and herbs out to the people, seeds nourished by a home-grown compost, pure mountain air and water, as well as -- the family's love and breath.

Here is the Cech family's blessing to all visitors: "We believe in what we do, and we believe in you. May you eat yummily right out of the garden, and heal yourselves always with good wholesome herbs. In the light of the sun and the glow of the moon, may you love and be loved. Consider the tree, growing from the soil of its own making, offering its shade, its wood, its oxygen, its fruits to all beings that come into contact with it. The tree does all this without asking for anything in return. It gives forth this bounty into the universe, and in exchange the universe gives the tree its place on earth. May we all be like the trees, and give without asking for anything in return, and thereby receive--our place in the garden."...

Prairie Garden Seeds

Jim has been gardening pretty much all his life. After graduating from university with a BA in Mathematics and living in Europe for six and a half years working as a gardener at a Jean Vanier L’Arche community, picking grapes in France and traveling around, he returned to the farm in 1977 to do what he knew best, garden and grow food. He began as a market gardener selling food before transitioning to growing and selling seeds instead. He sees himself as a regional seeds person encouraging people towards more self-sufficiency in terms of food. Prairie Garden Seeds issued its first seed catalogue in 1986 and is now into its 29th year in 2015. Jim believes in growing seeds not only for their utilitarian value but also for their relevance to our larger cultural values, in the stories of the people who introduced and grew them. He has been a board member of Seeds of Diversity Canada (a prominent Canadian seed saving organization) for about 10 years, including 2 years as Chair. Jim and Marie-Louise relocated to Humboldt as of 2005 where Jim has been gardening/farming at St. Peter’s Abbey ever since. Their daughter Rachelle has now been working with Jim for the past couple of years gardening at the Abbey, traveling to all the seed events across the prairies that Prairie Garden Seeds attends between February and April, packaging seeds, filling orders, and in general trying to figure out all kinds of logistics to do with the seed business.

Here is an online message from Prairie Garden Seeds: "We hope this new site will get people excited about gardening, growing food, seed saving, preserving the rich biodiversity we have when we grow food on a smaller scale, counteracting the monoculture trend in food production, taking back power in our broken food system and that it will encourage you to passionately share about these topics with others. We will continuously be updating things here in the hopes of allowing you to more fully get an idea of what seed saving entails, how amazingly fun, satisfying and fulfilling it is, and how to do it yourself!"

In closing -- we must go and do some MORE of the highly innovative things we do here, LOCALLY, but even so -- may we please hereby cordially invite you to take a look around our (upper-green-stripe) "Main Menu" (visible on every page of this web-site), and just "hover" your computer mouse over any already existent menu item or sub-item you'd like to see, and have a brief sampling of "who ELSE is ALREADY HERE" -- at least as of today, that is...

Pleasant SmallCrop  Browsing!

If you wish to post either a free-of-charge .PDF or a NON-free, downloadable online e-book to any given topic area of membership interest, or to join us as an Online MEMBER, please contact us at THIS DIRECT LINK.

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